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Hire a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Drug Crime..

Where To Start with Lawyers and More

Hire a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Drug Crime Charges

Controlled substances like drugs are illegal to possess and distribute is some states including the state of Texas. Drug possession or sale charges can be inflicted upon your by police officers who catch you possession drugs without any prescription. If you can show these officers that you are prescribed to take them, then that is the only time that the charges will be dropped.

Drug charges vary when you are caught either possessing or selling it. Some of the smaller charges can result in a small fine or doing community service. You can spend the rest of your life in jail if you manufacture and distribute drugs.

Misdemeanor charges are slapped to a person who is caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana and lesser illegal drugs. If you are convicted of possessing meth or cocaine, it is a felony. A felony makes the charges of your case a lot more grievous. It is important for people charged with felony o seek the help of a competent and qualified criminal defense attorney.

Texas laws are very strict when it comes to drugs particularly Marijuana and even possession less that 2 ounces can make you eligible for jail time. You will also be asked to pay a fine amounting to thousands of dollars. You can also be charged with felony if you possess concentrates like hash oil, and you will have to serve time in prison. The charge of misdemeanor is inflicted on those who possess or sell marijuana in small amounts and the charge of felony is inflicted on those who possess or sell larger amounts of drugs. If you are caught in possession of drugs in a drug-free zone , then your penalties are doubled.

In most drug cases, the stakes are so high that you want to make sure you have a good criminal defense lawyer who will be on your side. A good criminal defense lawyer will analyze the situation from a lot of different angles. He will help you come up with a strategy to defend yourself in court so that you can have the charges dismissed or have them reduced significantly. It is possible for your drug case to go all the way through court to determine whether or not they can present reasonable doubt.

Maintaining the right to remain silent is there is an attorney representing you. You can be sure that you are not harassed by law enforcement officers. You can talk to a criminal defense attorney over the phone and they can offer you for free an initial call for petition. This will help you get to know the lawyer better and whether or not you want them to defend you in court.

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